Why You Need to Own The Scrubbie

Why You Need to Own The Scrubbie

Why You Need to Own The Scrubbie

Whether you're cleaning the dishes or scrubbing the patio furniture, The Scrubbie is literally the solution to life's worst problems. But what can it do? We're breaking down the ways our magic cleaning sponge makes life easier in today's post. Keep reading to learn more!

Installation Is Easy

You know how every single product you buy says that it's easy to use and install? Then when you try to install it, you find that it's actually nearly impossible? Ours actually is.

No Really — Installation Is Super Easy

The Scrubbie really is easy to use and install. It attaches to kitchen sinks and garden hoses alike. No matter the task you throw its way, The Scrubbie is up to the challenge. Looking for the best kitchen cleaning sponge? This is it. Need a tile scrub brush that actually gets rid of the gunk that’s stuck on it? Ours does. Hands down, this is the best sponge on the market.

It Makes Doing the Dishes a Breeze

"There's nothing I love more than getting gross food on my hands," said no one ever. Unfortunately, food getting stuck to your plates is a fact of life. If only there were a solution…

Gets Rid of the Mustard Your Husband Leaves On His Plate!

Doing dishes is the worst, but what if we told you The Scrubbie ensured that your family stopped leaving plates in their rooms for weeks on end? And what if we could guarantee that doing the dishes would take mere minutes and you’d be left with a kitchen that was as sparkly and clean as the day you moved in? Okay, it can't do that, but it can get rid of the food that's stuck to your dishes.

Yep, It Works Outside Too

It's easy to attach The Scrubbie to your garden hose as well, which means that cleaning up outside has never been easier. So how can you use it, you ask?

For an Outdoors That's as Clean as Inside

It's simple. You can use The Scrubbie to do everything from washing windows to cleaning patio furniture. Yep, that's right — impress friends and family with outdoor furniture that looks like you care enough to bring it inside when it's not in use. Our scrubbing tool is the perfect window cleaning sponge, and you’re sure to find countless ways to make you outdoor space look as clean and shiny as it does indoors.

Order The Scrubbie Today!

It’s the best sponge on the market, but can it solve all of life's problems? Maybe not, but it does save water, it makes cleaning faster, and it attaches indoors and outdoors.

In other words, it might just be the perfect addition to your home. Everyone deserves to find little ways to make life easier, and that’s what our product is all about. Whether you’re using it at the kitchen sink or attached to your hose outdoors, we think you’ll find that The Scrubbie is even more awesome than it seems. Order yours today and see for yourself!

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