How to Use The Scrubbie Outside

How to Use The Scrubbie Outside

Did you know that The Scrubbie is the perfect way to clean outside as well as inside? If you’re using yours as a dish cleaning sponge, you’re only scratching the surface of what The Scrubbie is capable of.

The Scrubbie attaches to your garden hose easily. All it takes is a few twists on the threaded piece of The Scrubbie and before you know it, water will be flowing and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner home or car!

An Innovative Hose Cleaning Attachment For Every Need

If your goal is to save water, The Scrubbie is perfect for you. Want to cut cleaning time in half? It can help you do that as well! It’s scrubber side powers through whatever cleaning task comes your way while the sponge side can help clean everything from your car to the windows of your home without scratching them in the process.

All things considered, it’s the tool you need to help make your home a better place to live. It’s as simple as that!

Use it with or without soap to accomplish your task, and you’ll find that life just got a little bit easier.

The Scrubbie Attaches to Your Garden Hose In Seconds

Whether you’re cleaning deck furniture or the tires of your vehicle, The Scrubbie can make it a quick and easy task. Perhaps all you’re in need of is a car washing sponge, but The Scrubbie does so much more!

Between is easily removable pieces and the fact that you can replace the sponges, cleaning is both fast and easy. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Our universal scrubbing attachment offers easy installation. That means set up is a breeze — as is the actual cleaning process. Everyone dreads having to clean, but when you use The Scrubbie, every job is quick and easy.

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